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Creative Consulting | Commercial Drone Inspections and Production Work


20+ Years of planning, design and project management experience in all phases of construction. 10 years of large scale live event production design, planning, management, process improvement and strategy. Over 3 years as a UAV (Drone) Pilot with experience producing broadcast content, building inspections, forensic data collection, aerial mapping and real estate content.



Aerial construction defect drone inspections. Obstacle Course design, product design,, 3D CAD design modeling, 3D printed modeling, Aerial (Drone) mapping, Aerial (Drone) event management, design documentation, product specifications and As-Built Documentation, domestic and international standard operating procedures, means and methods, safety procedures, key performance metrics, risk assessment, product testing, emergency response planning, staffing requirements, employee and volunteer training and management, logistics, code compliance, municipality coordination, best practices, process development and improvement procedures and scalability strategy.

Contact todd@toddlschwartz.com with any project inquires